XD Wheels

At Audio City USA, we specialize in distributing the finest wheels for any ride. It is our goal to provide our customers with top of the line wheels for their off-road vehicles. We proudly offer great off-road brands such as KMC XD Wheels (XD Rims) as part of our inventory and we make it easy for you to get them on your vehicle as soon as possible with amazing prices and fast delivery. XD wheels is known for popular models like the Rockstar wheels/rims and the famous Hoss wheels/rims.

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17" XD Wheels XD222 Enduro Beadlocks Silver Machined Rims
17" XD Wheels XD222 Enduro Beadlocks Silver Machined Rims
Starting at $1239.00
Set of 4pcs
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Off-Road with XD Rims

Just because you go off-roading on your free time doesn’t mean that your truck shouldn’t look good doing it. XD series Wheels not only give your truck a mean look but are designed with the latest technology to withstand all you do on the back roads and rugged terrain. Fuel rims continually offer the functionality needed to keep you and your vehicle safe on all your ventures. Whether you are taking a trip to the beach with heavy cargo or headed up the mountain for camping, XD rims will help you get the job done right.

Show Off Your Truck

Your truck may be capable of off-roading, but the reality probably is that you aren’t always doing it. Fuel wheels help off-roading enthusiasts customize their vehicles with a look that they can show off when they aren’t out somewhere kicking up dirt. With rim sizes ranging from 15 to 24 inches, various design options, and the finest finishes, your truck will catch eyes while you are out on the road during the week and ready to catch some mud on the weekends. No matter what you are doing or where you are, XD rims will give your truck the aggressive look you want and need.

Finance Your Rims

Auto City makes it easy for you to get the rims you want on your truck at a great price. We offer no hassle credit checks and finance options so that you can get your XD series wheels on your truck as soon as possible without having to save up for them. To inquire about our financing you can contact us at (888) 814-1158 or email us at wheel@audiocityusa.com.