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Black Rhino Wheels 

Black Rhino Wheels are constructed to provide an aggressive appearance and perfect fitment for large trucks and SUVs. As more major vehicle owners are in search of robust and a street-style of wheels, our Black Rhino Wheel range can help you find what you are looking for. At AudioCityUSA, we are specialized retailers in the provision of unique wheel selections. View our selection of Black Rhino Wheels in a variety of finishes and sizes including 18", 20" 22" and 24".



20" Black Rhino Wheels Raid Matte Red Off-Road Rims
Item No: BRO198-3
Black Rhino
20" Black Rhino Wheels Raid Matte Red Off-Road Rims
Set of 4pcs or 5pcs
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20" Black Rhino Wheels Rampage Gloss Black with Blue Milled Spokes Off-Road Rims
Item No: BRO178-1
Black Rhino
20" Black Rhino Wheels Rampage Gloss Black with Blue Milled Spokes Off-Road Rims
Set of 4pcs or 5pcs
20" Black Rhino Wheels Rampage Gloss Black with Milled Spokes Off-Road Rims
Item No: BRO177-1
Black Rhino
20" Black Rhino Wheels Rampage Gloss Black with Milled Spokes Off-Road Rims
Set of 4pcs or 5pcs
20" Black Rhino Wheels Rampage Gloss Black with Red Milled Spokes Off-Road Rims
Item No: BRO179-1
Black Rhino
20" Black Rhino Wheels Rampage Gloss Black with Red Milled Spokes Off-Road Rims
Set of 4pcs or 5pcs

Why Choose Rhino Wheels 

Choose Rhino Wheels if you are looking to add a rough and rugged appearance to your vehicle. Lift your stock to its desired level and create a beast of an impression whether driving on or off-road. Customized wheels in extraordinary designs are widely available when you choose the Black Rhino Wheel brand. 

Rhino Wheels was created for the modern truck and SUV. It offers drivers two specialized features unique to the famous wheel manufacturer. This includes its negative offset for compatibility with a truck or an SUV that possesses extreme lift. It guarantees that your off-road performance vehicle will be provided the tough features and support needed to perform across demanding terrain. 

The second design feature incorporated in Black Rhino Wheels includes a contemporary aesthetic ensuring you can transform your SUV and truck into a roadworthy beast. To achieve the best results, Black Rhino Wheels has developed a positive offset in which vehicles can be utilized with a slight lift or overall stock appeal. 

At AudioCityUSA, we present the unique and transformative Black Rhino Wheels in various sizes and exciting new finishes. Choose from Gloss Gunmetal and Matte Black w/Machine Face & Dark Matte Tint to its impressive Matte Black w/Matte Graphite Lip, basic Matte Black, Gloss Black with Machine, Matte Black with Matte Machine, 5, 6 and 8 Lug. The wheels you choose will depend on your preferences and the best ways to enhance your truck or your SUV. Whether you are looking for a bold lift with dual shocks or a street style of SUV, Black Rhino Wheels can make your vehicle interests a reality. 


Quality Customized Rims 

Black Rhino is an impressive wheel brand that has invested in its design aesthetic, including the premium standard of its range. Perfect for the off-road adventurist, these rims are robust with beauty to match its powerful performance. 

Black Rhino Wheels remains a true contender in the truck and SUV market. It creates a tough appearance but without failing to deliver in its operations. When you own this impressive road and off-road beasts, you need a wheel manufacturer to match its large and in charge character. Nothing says majestic and rugged more than Black Rhino Wheels. As proud online stockists of Black Rhino Wheels, we at AudioCityUSA bring our customers a comprehensive and versatile selection of the industry's best wheels. 

If you regularly haul large and heavy loads, no need to be concerned about the ability of your wheels to handle the requirement. Black Rhino Wheels are tough. It is rugged and designed to withstand tough conditions. You can have peace of mind that your SUV or truck will outperform its counterparts with high quality, durable Black Rhino Wheels. 

AudioCityUSA can help you select the very best in Black Rhino Wheels. Our large online selection offers exceptional choice with customer services to match. By investing in the extraordinary line of Black Rhino Wheels, your transformed SUV and truck will become the envy on the road. Our guaranteed solutions can help you invest in quality Black Rhino Wheels.



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