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Jeep Wheels

Jeep Wheels 


If you are looking for top of the range Jeep Wheels, look no further than AudioCityUSA! We are your tire and wheel specialists ensuring high-quality rims, wheels and much more at the best prices. You can find every type of Jeep Wheel when you shop with us online. From Cherokee and Wrangler to Gladiator and Liberty, we present a wide range of Jeep Wheels, Rims & Tires Package for Sale

If you have any fitment questions, call our experts at 888-814-1158. Learn more about our powerhouse of Jeep Wheels right here.

Why Jeep Wheels at AudioCityUSA is Best

Jeeps remain a well-recognized make of trucks and SUVs around the world. With tremendous off-road capabilities, a good set of wheels is what every vehicle owner needs to drive with confidence. 

Driving a Jeep provides a unique feel. When moving over rocky terrain and uneven surfaces, the way a Jeep seems to hug every corner and curve is a feeling of pleasure. Did you know that the wheels you choose to drive your Jeep to affect its performance? At AudioCityUSA, we aim to help our Jeep loving customers find the very best style of wheels to make every adventure that much more rewarding. Our range is not only backed by our quality guarantee but includes some of the most popular and authentic brands on the market. We stock a selection of Jeep Wheels that incorporate unique components every Jeep needs to perform at its peak. From tire packages and premium rims, we are dedicated to assisting every Jeep driver in creating exceptional experiences and lasting memories both on and off-road. 

Representing the very best manufacturers, AudioCityUSA is recognized for its accommodation of top Jeep accessories, tires and wheels. For all off-road adventurers who are looking for the best brand of wheels, you can depend on the exclusive selections offered by AudioCityUSA. If you need quality products, we are stockists of the most impressive range that will ensure you’re driving and safety needs are met, whether on or off-road. As leaders in automotive wheels and rims, we ensure that you are provided with the top Jeep selection. Our Jeep Wheels are impressive. From its powerful manufacture and its precision performance to its unique design, you will find a Jeep Wheel to suit your performance needs.  

Our Jeep Wheels incorporate innovative design and style. If you need a modern enhancement for your truck, we have a premium range of wheels to choose from. Whether you drive on or off-road, you can find the most suitable styles of tires to suit your needs. As fitment specialists, we are available to answer all your questions and queries concerning the best tire and wheel selections. Our wheels are second to none and deliver a quality performance standard that is simply unmatched. Every Jeep owner who selects a branded set of wheels from our selection will have the best quality additions to drive confidently. 

If you drive off-road, it is important that the correct type of wheels is installed. Jeep Wheels are available in a rugged design to manage every kind of terrain. From the outback to gravel roads, our off-road Jeep Wheels provide the stable performance needed for driving excellence. 

Ensure your Jeep looks impressive while being fully capable of handling some of the toughest driving conditions. Built to last, we stock a unique Jeep line of wheels that every driver will be proud of owning. From on-road racing to off-road navigation, invest in AudioCityUSA wheels to ensure that your vehicle is provided with a premium enhancement. Please speak to our professional team at AudioCityUSA for the very best results.


Buy Wheels and Tires from the Leading USA Wheels Distributor

30 Years, Same Location!

Aftermarket Fitment Guarantee

Our wheel specialists have years of experience in the aftermarket wheel industry and will provide you with expert knowledge of wheel fitments. They will help you find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Wheel & Tire Packages

Make it convenient and order a complete wheel and tire package. We offer FREE mounting and balancing and FREE Lugs and Locks for all wheel and tire packages. Wheels will be shipped to you ready to install.

Fast Delivery

Audio City USA partners with the largest shippers in the US to make sure that you receive your order in a timely manner. Audio City USA strives to offer the fastest and most cost-effective shipping methods for our customers, but please understand that during this difficult time of price increases and staff shortages, there will be unforeseen delays. We ask our customers for their patience and understanding.

FREE ROAD FORCE BALANCE with Any Wheels and Tires Package

The Road Force®Vibration Control System includes Hunter’s exclusive Road Force Measurement System. This system utilizes a “road roller” which measures the uniformity of the wheel and tires, simulating a road force test and verifying if the assembly is “round when rolling” under load.

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* No Credit Needed: Progressive Leasing obtains information from credit bureaus. Not all applicants are approved.
** 90-Day Purchase or Early purchase Options: Standard agreement offers 12 months to ownership. 90-day purchase or Early purchase options cost more than the retailer's cash price (except 3-month option in CA). To purchase early call 877-898-1970.

The advertised service is lease-to-own or a rental- or lease-purchase agreement provided by ProgLeasing, LLC, or its affiliates. Acquiring ownership by leasing costs more than the retailer’s cashprice. Leasing available on select items at participating locations only. Not available in MN, NJ, VT, WI, WY.
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