2009 BMW 328 | 19″ Advanti Wheels Denaro Gloss black rims | Megan Racing Coilovers | AudioCityUSA | BLG090716

This 2009 BMW 328 Wanted a classic BMW Wheels Set up so we ran a set of staggered 19″ Advanti Wheels Denaro in a gloss black finish. Rim and tire set up is 225-35-19 & 265-30-19 Tires lowered on Megan Racing Coilovers.
Feel free to give us a call for any detailed information
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2009_bmw_328_19_advanti_wheels_denaro_rims_audiocityusa 1_2009_bmw_328_19_advanti_wheels_denaro_rims_audiocityusa 2_2009_bmw_328_19_advanti_wheels_denaro_rims_audiocityusa 3_2009_bmw_328_19_advanti_wheels_denaro_rims_audiocityusa