22″ Fuel Wheels D538 with Maverick Black Milled Rims | 35×12.50×22 RBP M/T Tires | 4″ Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit | 2017 Jeep Wrangler JK

22″ Fuel Wheels Maverick D538

Fuel Wheels provide high quality materials, perfectly engineered for vehicles to have an amazingly, comfortable, and steady trip and at the same time give the vehicle a stunning appearance. You can drive for hours and can still function the same as the first time you use it. A smoother drive with Fuel Wheels attached to your vehicle is surely a pleasurable experience. The design on those wheels gives a very strong impression and improves your car’s overall performance. It’s one of the best setups for an off road vehicle like this. Amazingly made with high quality materials, perfectly engineered for bigger vehicles to have an amazingly, comfortable, and steady trip even on a rough and bumpy road. For this 2017 Jeep Wrangler JK our customer wanted an off road wheel set up and we went with a set of 22″ Fuel Wheels Maverick D538 with Black Milled Rims.

Wheel and tire set up is 22×10 with 35×12.50×22 Rolling Big Power M/T Tires lifted with a 4″ Rough Country. Suspension Lift Kit. equipped with Rough Country Bumpers and a Smittybilt Winch.

There is no doubt about this set up, awesome in every way. The body of the 2017 Jeep Wrangler JK goes perfectly with these wheels and the black milled rims just puts the cherry on top of this vehicle! Fuel Wheels can always be reliable with making your car look beautiful with high performing wheels.

Let’s check this jeep out!

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Customize with Fuel Wheel and Lift Kit

Specifications(as seen in the photos below):

• Vehicle –2017 Jeep Wrangler JK

• Wheels – 20×10″ Fuel Wheels D538 Maverick Black Milled Rims

• Tires – 35×12.5×20 RBP MT Tires

• Lift Kit – 4″ Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit

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22″ Fuel Wheels Maverick D538 with Black Milled Rims 22″ Fuel Wheels Maverick D538 with Black Milled Rims 22″ Fuel Wheels Maverick D538 with Black Milled Rims 22″ Fuel Wheels Maverick D538 with Black Milled Rims 22″ Fuel Wheels Maverick D538 with Black Milled Rims22″ Fuel Wheels Maverick D538 with Black Milled Rims 22″ Fuel Wheels Maverick D538 with Black Milled Rims

Now this is what I call an awesome jeep! Fuel Wheels offer the highest quality products with proper design and function, meant to be used off-road. The 22″ Fuel Wheels Maverick D538 clearly looks like the perfect set of wheels for your off road needs and for sure these will not let you down, heavy duty wheels with an amazing wheel design and high quality materials, these wheels are meant for your vehicle. Plus these black rims give a subtle shine on your vehicle, and the uniquely designed spokes give an extra attitude to your truck when you’re on or off road.They are widely known for their design. Who knew that these were the only components you needed to make your vehicle look like a beast on the road? There is nothing to beat this jeep’s setup!

The appearance of the wheels designed and manufactured by Fuel Wheel is hard to match. But they are not only beautiful. Over the years, Fuel Wheels has been attracting off-road enthusiasts with their designs and advancements. They will always have your back when you’re in need of custom made off road wheels, and they give great options for people who are looking for wheels that can handle tough, rocky terrain for all kinds of weather. Fuel Wheels is also the industry leader in wheel durability and high quality, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the look and feel of these Fuel Wheels for more years to come.

Specializing in off road wheels and rims, Fuel Wheels always give the best performance to your vehicle on any terrain, made with high quality materials, suited to give you a more comfortable and a steadier ride on your off road trips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Fuel Mavericks?

Fuel Mavericks are custom-designed alloy wheels from house of Fuel Wheels. The Maverick is a two-piece alloy wheel that has 8 spokes and is manufactured using high-quality aluminum and special procedures. They are available in a wide range of sizes including 14×10, 14×7, 15×10 and a lot more. Mavericks are some of Fuel Wheels’ bestselling models as they are splendid options for offroading.  The sheer variety of finishes that they come in- including Chrome, Anthracite, Powder Coated, Two-Tone Matte and Black Milled- ensure that they can bring a superb look to any vehicle they are used with.

What are Fuel Mavericks made of?

All original Fuel Mavericks are made of high-grade aluminum. The Fuel range of wheels, commonly used in both passenger and lightweight hauling vehicles, are durable to boot and have superior finishes when compared with a lot of other wheels. There is a popular misconception that some Mavericks may be manufactured of Alloy Steel. However, that is completely false information. The Fuel Wheel family does not have any stainless steel member. Aluminum is their preferred material of concern. At times, various other metals may also be added in minute amounts for strength.

Are fuel Mavericks forged?

Fuel Mavericks are forged. It is true that Fuel Wheels has a lot of models which are cast and can be bought at extremely affordable rates without any compromise on the quality of the products. That said, Fuel’s Maverick range is forged, each one of them. It adds extra strength, enables the company to produce truly custom-made products and is durable and extremely efficient for everyday use. The largest truck forging model available today in the United States is a forged model by Fuel Wheels. It has a diameter of an astounding 30 inches!