7 Signs Your Car Suspension Needs to be Repaired

car suspension

Driving comes with all kinds of challenges, but if your suspension is in trouble, the experience can be extremely unnerving.

Whether your vehicle is old or new, there are a few important signs to be aware of when it comes to your car suspension.

Here are seven red flags to be on the lookout for that may indicate it’s time to have your suspension repaired, so read on to learn more!

1. A Rough Ride

If you seem to feel every single bump or dip in the road, this could be a sign of car suspension trouble. Pay close attention to your vehicle as you drive and if it seems to bounce much rougher than normal, it’s time to get your suspension checked out.

2. Pulling or Drifting When You Turn

You might notice that your car seems to drift or pull to one side whenever you turn a corner. This means your shocks are unable to keep the body of your vehicle stable, which can actually be dangerous. If the vehicle can’t remain stable, your chances of a rollover are much higher so make sure you get it checked out ASAP.

3. Strange Dips When You Stop

When you come to a stop and your car seems to dip or lurch forward, it could be because the shocks are worn out. If you hit the brakes and take a dive, this means your ability to stop quickly is compromised, which can be extremely dangerous.

4. Car Suspension and Uneven Tire Wear

If your tire tread seems to be wearing unevenly or if you see any bald spots, it could be an issue with your suspension. When the car’s suspension is not holding everything steady and evenly, it starts to put excess and uneven pressure on the tires, causing visible wear.

5. Greasy, Oily Shocks

If you suspect a suspension problem, look under your car for any signs of grease or oil on the shocks or struts. Too much oil means that they could be leaking fluid, so this means it’s time to bring your vehicle to a mechanic for suspension repairs.

6. A Bouncy Car

One way to check your suspension is the bounce test. Put the car in park, then press down on the front of the vehicle with all your weight as you bounce it up and down, and then release it. Do the same thing to the back of the car and if it keeps bouncing when you let go, your suspension might be worn out.

7. Steering Difficulty

If it feels like your car is tough to steer at a low speed, it could mean your suspension is in trouble. The steering is directly linked to the suspension, so if there’s an issue, it could be time for a checkup. Don’t wait if you have trouble steering since this can affect your ability to control the car which is a serious safety issue.

Don’t Take a Chance on Your Suspension

If you notice any of these signs, it could mean your car suspension is in trouble. Make sure you bring your vehicle to an experienced mechanic who can diagnose the issue and make any repairs for safer driving.

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