Do Custom Rims Boost Car Value?

custom rims

Custom Rims

For many people, their car is much more than something to take them from once place to another. It’s a statement, and custom rims can make even an average boring vehicle look amazing. While they add definite aesthetic value to the car, do they make a difference in the car’s real value?

This is something many car owners consider when selling their cars with the custom wheels. Should they go straight with the Blue Book value or add a little more for the serious set of rims. Should they take off the rims and sell them separately? We’ll help you decide what the best decision is for your car.

What Types of Custom Rims Are There?

There’s not just one type of rim for your care; there are countless designs and materials used. The most common rims that come with the care are steel rims with a plastic cover for the bolts. These are what comes with most cars. They’re economical, but not very flashy.

Aluminum rims are lightweight, but also durable and are a popular choice for people who want something stylish, but don’t want to pay a lot for it. Carbon fiber rims are more expensive, but they also offer lightweight and durability.

You need to find the right rim for your type of tire.

How Do Rims Improve Car Value?

Your rims can cost a significant amount of money depending on the type you get. The right rims can not only make your car look sportier, but also improve performance. These can increase the overall resale value of the vehicle, but not by a significant amount. It depends on the current age and condition of the car and the rims.

The rims can be a major selling factor for the car. It’s one of the first things a person sees when they look at a car. It can bring new life to an old car and may be the reason why a person became interested in contacting you about the vehicle.

If you don’t think it will add value to the selling price, then take off the rims and replace them with the factory ones. You can sell them separately.

Choosing the Perfect Rims for Your Car

The process for finding the perfect rims starts with your budget. Are you willing to spend as much as needed for the best or do you want great rims on a budget? Aluminum alloy rims look great and come in many different sizes and styles.

Something also to remember is the bolt pattern of your wheels. There are a few variations, so check to make sure the rims fit yours. It’s also important that the rims make no contact with any other part of the wheel or car.

Improve Your Car’s Value with Rims

Custom rims are an investment in your car. If you want to make your car stand out when selling it or add a few dollars to the resale value, then rims will do it.

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