How to Lift a Truck: Tips and Tricks Your Mechanic Wants You to Know

how to lift a truck

We love our off-road vehicles in the United States. So much so that we account for 51% of the off-road high-performance vehicle market.

Knowing how to lift a truck means you understand how small changes can have significant impacts on all of the components. There are a few tips and tricks you should know before you get started.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of lifting your truck.

Leveling and Lifting Are Different

Manufacturers adjust SUVs and trucks so that the rear end sits higher than the front end. This is done to compensate for the extra weight when the vehicle’s backend gets loaded with cargo or towing a trailer.

Leveling kits don’t make any adjustments to the rear of the vehicle. This keeps your load capacity the same.

It also allows you to use bigger tires because you’re creating more clearance. Be careful with this, though. Go too big with your tires, and you’ll start decreasing your rear departure angle.

A full lift will raise both the front and backend. This is the better choice if you plan to go off-roading. Your lift can include leveling.

For example, you could lift the truck 2 inches on the front and back. Then level the front end by raising it an extra inch.

Both Mess with Performance

Whenever you make changes that will affect the geometry of your truck, it will affect handling. Both leveling and lifting will change the steering geometry and put stress on the suspension.

Keep the Law in Mind

If you don’t plan to drive your vehicle on the road, then this tip won’t matter. However, most people do, and if you plan to, then you’ll need to know what the law allows for your state.

You Need to Know How to Lift a Truck

If you have never lifted a truck before, don’t attempt it on your own. It’s best to either work with someone experienced or leave it to the experts.

This advice becomes more important, the higher you want to lift your truck. The more you lift, the more components get affected, and the more adjustments need to be made.

Skip the Body Lift

The whole point of a lift for off-roading is to get more clearance. If you only do a body lift, then you have no gain in clearance. This type of lift is best for those who only want a rugged appearance.

If you want to have improved performance and clearance out in the wilderness, then you need a suspension lift. This will raise everything that’s under your truck.

Lift Your Truck Today

Knowing how to lift a truck will make the entire process smoother. Keeping these tips in mind will help you make the right decisions about your lift for your intended use.

If you’ve never lifted your own vehicle before, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. They will know many more tricks besides the ones listed here. This will ensure the optimal performance of your truck.

Schedule your lift kit installation service today and head for the trails.