Lifting a Truck: The Pros and Cons of Installing a Lift Kit | BLG040919

lifting a truck

Almost 18 million cars and trucks are purchased in the US every year.

But sometimes the car you buy doesn’t quite match up to what you want. You want to stand out from the crowd, enhance the driving experience, or simply make it look that bit cooler.

Legally or illegally, modifying cars has become a popular pastime. Walk around your local neighborhood and see tinted windows, paint jobs, and superchargers at every turn.

Height adjustment is a modification we’re seeing with increasing frequency.

But lifting the height of your truck isn’t a straightforward decision. There are pros and cons to consider. Want to know what they are?

Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of lifting a truck.

4 Pros of Lifting a Truck

Let’s start with the positives. Here are 4 reasons to consider lifting your truck.

1. Aesthetics

Lifted trucks look downright awesome.

They’re big, brutish and stand out from the crowd. You’ll be, literally, head and shoulders above the rest in terms of the aesthetics of your truck.

2. Easier to Tow

The benefits don’t stop with looks.

You get a host of practical advantages too. One of these is the enhanced tow-ability of your truck. Have you ever tried towing a heavy load with normal suspension? You’ll get pulled down on your suspension and can bottom out.

That’s not an issue when you’re lifted.

3. Better View of the Road

Good visibility is one key to safe driving.

Being higher up helps you see what’s around you. It also makes it easier to be seen. That means your chances of an accident are reduced. It also gives you respect. You’re bigger than they are. You get right of way.

4. Easier Off-Roading

You’re lifted and have enormous tires.

That makes off-roading a walk in the park. An increased clearance off the ground means you can navigate steep downhills and up hills with ease. Giant tiers mean mud, rubble, ruts, sand, and snow don’t stand a chance.

3 Cons of Lifting a Truck

It isn’t all positive though. Check out these 3 cons to lifting a truck.

1. Warranty Issues

Lifted vehicles may not get a warranty. Be sure to check with your dealer before altering your truck. You don’t want to experience an issue only to find out you’re no longer covered.

2. Lower Mileage

Big trucks drink gas.

Remember those giant tires that make off-roading a breeze? They also turn your truck into a gas guzzler. Be prepared for lower miles to the gallon.

3. Harder to Handle

Your handling can suffer too.

The size of your vehicle simply makes it harder to turn sharply. You can quickly get off-balance, which increases your chances of flipping. Be careful.

Time to Wrap Up

There you have it: the pros and cons of lifting a truck.

Millions of cars and trucks are bought every year. But for some people, the base vehicle isn’t enough: modifications are in order. Lifting a truck is an increasingly popular form of modification, and there are lots of benefits to doing it.

However, as we’ve seen, there are potential cons too. In sum, be sure to think carefully before committing to lifting.

Interested in fitting a lift kit? Contact us today to see how we can help.