Protection When Parked: Why You Need a Car Alarm System

car alarmEver have that heart-dropping moment when you walk out to your car and immediately feel like you’re in a bad dream? Your window is broken, your door is left open, and you know you certainly didn’t leave it that way.

Upon further inspection, your worst fears are confirmed. Everything’s gone. Your wallet, stereo system, and maybe even a concealed firearm.

If only you had a car alarm, but you didn’t.

There’s nothing to do now but call the police. Unfortunately, however, only 13% of burglaries are ever solved. Sure, you may be reimbursed by your insurance company, assuming you have comprehensive insurance, not just liability.

However, insurance can’t replace things with sentimental value. In which case, you’re out of luck.

Without even reading the rest of this article, you can probably think of a handful of reasons why a car alarm is a good idea. However, we’ll take this opportunity to help fill in some of the blanks.

A Loud and Annoying Deterrent

Whether it’s activated automatically or manually, an alarm works as a very effective deterrent for anyone trying to break into your car. They don’t need a bunch of eyes on them drawn by the wailing sirens.

Often a thief who trips an alarm high-tails it out of there before they have a chance to get anything.

Protect Your Personal Possessions

Whether because of a false sense of security or complacency, we all leave valuables in our cars. When you go 10 years without having an incident, you tend to lose your edge and paranoia.

However, all it takes is one thief targeting your car and you could lose everything. That is unless you have a car alarm.

A car alarm helps us protect the valuables we callously leave in our vehicles. Wallets, firearms, electronics, passports, etc.

Don’t Interrupt Your Life

One of the worst things about being robbed, whether it’s the whole car or just the stuff inside of it, is the blatant interruption of our lives. Losing your car means needing to find a new mode of transportation and replacing everything within it.

Losing the stuff inside is still a pain, however, as it could entail canceling all of your credit cards, getting a new driver’s license, etc.

A Car Alarm Can LowersYour Insurance

Caring for your car is about more than just cleaning and maintaining it. It means protecting it as well. Some insurance companies appreciate and reward that sentiment.

Having a car alarm will actually lower your car insurance premiums through certain auto insurance providers. It keeps your stuff safe and saves you money. Nothing wrong about that.

Put Yourself at Ease

Finally, knowing you have a car alarm allows you to rest easy when you park your car overnight, especially if it’s in unfamiliar territory. If someone tries to break into it, at the very least, you’ll hear about it.

Not only that, but you also know there’s a good chance it will deter most thefts!

Are You Protected?

If you’re honest with yourself, there’s really no reason not to have a car alarm.

If your car isn’t protected, we suggest getting it taken care of as soon as possible. How terrible would you feel if you passed up this article and your car got broken into tomorrow?