How to Purchase a Suspension Package Like a Pro

What is the ground clearance for your truck? The average truck has a clearance of 8 to 10 inches. While this is fine for daily driving on the road, it may not cut it if you plan on going off-road.

If you want to conquer the trails, or just look like you do, then you need to install a suspension package. This will replace the stock suspension on your truck with one that’s taller and tougher.

Follow this guide to help you know what to consider when buying a suspension for your truck.

Quality of the Parts

The quality of the parts in the kit you buy will determine their overall performance. This means you can achieve a smoother ride and more stable handling.

The better quality parts are more reliable and durable, so you’re investing in a long term upgrade. You won’t have to worry about a part braking will you’re mid-drive.

Your State Laws

Consider how your new suspension will change the height of your vehicle. If you do a direct part replacement, then your vehicle height should stay the same, and this won’t matter.

If you decide to adjust your suspension up or down, then your vehicle bumper height will also change. This can be a problem in some states, so check your state’s laws before you start changing the height of your ride.

Some states have a maximum bumper height, such as California, where you’re limited to 23 inches. Other states only let you raise or lower a specific number of inches. Indiana only allows a three-inch modification from the original manufacture height.

In some states like Vermont, it’s illegal to modify the original bumper height.

Vehicle Compatibility

You can’t buy any suspension kit out there and expect it to fit your vehicle. You’ll need to know the make, model, year, and even trim of your vehicle. Then compare this to the compatibility listed by the suspension manufacturer.

Another option is to find out the suspension parts currently on your vehicle. Then you can buy that exact part again by locating the part number.

Keep in mind if you’ve made other modifications to your vehicle. These will change your suspension needs. If you’ve changed out the wheels, the new offset will require a different suspension setup.

Detailed Instructions

Do you plan to install your new suspension kit yourself? If so, then you’ll want to consider the ease of installation and the included instructions. This is especially true if you’ve never done this type of installation before.

Warranty and Customer Support

While we all hope that a new part works perfectly, sometimes that doesn’t happen. A warranty will ensure that if your new suspension unexpectedly fails, you can get it replaced without additional costs. The best one is a lifetime warranty.

The best warranty in the world means nothing if you can’t get the support needed to use it. So look for a suspension kit that is backed by a reputable company. They should have a customer service department that’s easy to contact is responsive.

Buy the Perfect Suspension Package

To buy the perfect suspension package for your truck, you need to think about the law, truck compatibility, and the quality of the suspension. This will ensure you buy the right kit that will both last and give you the performance you want.

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