Raising Issues: How Will Lifting My Truck Affect the Ride?

How Will Lifting My Truck Affect the Ride

Lifted trucks are large and in charge and here to stay. They are so popular that they are now an established presence at the world’s biggest car industry convention. SEMA happens every year in Vegas and brings out the best, brightest, and most innovative auto products on the market.

Are you ready to lift your truck and emulate the beauty and attention-grabbing style of these SEMA body lifted trucks? Not so fast, though, you need to understand how these lifts will affect the ride, performance, and handling of your truck.


Depending on how high you lift your truck, you will change the center of gravity. When you raise the center of gravity, you put the truck at a bigger risk of a rollover if you take a turn too sharp.

However, you can balance this out by replacing your tires with higher and wider ones. This will give you increased stability.

It is smart to give yourself time to get accustomed to the new handling of your truck.


If you opt for a cheaper method of lifting, you will ultimately reduce the ride of your truck. You’ll experience fatigue on your body and increased wear and tear on your truck.

Generic suspensions and torsion bar twisting are two ways that people save money when lifting. However, both of these options are not going to smooth out your ride.

What you should do is invest in Coilover shocks, reservoir shocks, traction bars, or custom leaf springs. You should also look into having the professionals install your suspension package for you. Their experience and knowledge will prevent unintentional damage from incorrect installation.


When you lift the body of your truck, you change the angles of the driveshaft. It will become more extreme, which can cause binding or vibration. It can also increase the stress on your CV joints.

The best way to account for this change is to have custom length CV axles. You could also use pinion wedges.


As you increase the size of your tires, you lose engine power. This means that the bigger your tires are, the more improved your highway cruising is, but all other types of driving won’t see any improvement.

You can account for this by having your truck regeared. This is a simple calculation that you need to do to figure out what gear ratio you need to get the equivalent power you had before your lift.

You’ll need your old axle ratio and your new and old tire diameters. With this information, you’ll be able to determine your new gear axle ratio. If you have a 4×4, you will need both the front and back differentials regeared.

Emulate Body Lifted Trucks

Lifted trucks make a statement and grab attention wherever they go. If this is a look you want, you need to do it the right way. The best body lifted trucks have been lifted by professionals who can ensure that all of the different components are accounted for.

The result is a smooth running and powerful truck that is also lifted.

Contact us today and schedule your lift kit installation.