Should I Drive Winter Tires in Summer Weather?

winter tires in summer

Winter Tires in Summer Weather?

Did you know that more than 1.6 billion tires were sold in the US in 2018 for regular cars and light commercial vehicles? This number is expected to increase in the upcoming years as more and more vehicles are produced and it includes both all-season and winter tires.

But many drivers ask if it’s safe to use winter tires in summer. Well, the answer is no. Snow tires should only be used during the winter months because they are specifically designed for that period. Keep reading to learn more about winter tires and why you shouldn’t use them in the summer.

Winter Tires Feel Slow and Unstable During the Summer

One of the biggest problems with using winter tires in the summer involves car control. A winter tire has deeper grooves and it’s designed to provide traction when driving in snowy conditions. If you use this type of tire in the summer when there’s no snow, it will have limited grip and traction. As a result, you’ll steer your vehicle with more difficulty and have trouble making small corrections to your car’s trajectory.

Winter Tires Have More Rolling Resistance

Rolling resistance can be defined as a force that opposes a body’s rotation on a given surface. Different types of tires have different rolling resistance. In our case, a winter tire has more rolling resistance than an all-season tire, so if you use it during the summer, it will make your car consume more fuel. As a result, you’ll pay several hundred dollars more for driving your car around town. If you want to save money, swap your winter tires with your summer ones each year.

Prolong the Lifespan of Your Winter Tires

A set of winter tires is not the most expensive thing in the world, but it’s another expenditure required for every driver. If you use your winter tires all the time, they will definitely wear out quicker. As a result, you’ll have to spend more money on replacing them each year. If you routinely swap tires, you can prolong the lifespan of your snow tires with several years and save a lot of money in the process.

Not Using the Right Tires Can Be Illegal in Some Countries

In the United States, certain regions recommend changing tires often. Most northern states recommend using winter tires for cold seasons and swapping them with regular tires after April. These recommendations are in place because a car’s handling and stability are compromised if the wrong set of tires are used.

However, many countries, particularly European ones, have adopted legislation on when to use winter tires. This is done to limit the number of accidents caused by using the wrong type of tire when driving on public roads. Chances are that such legislation might be put into place in the United States as well.

Now You Know Why You Should Not Use Winter Tires in Summer!

As you can see, using winter tires in summer can change the way you drive and considerably increase fuel consumption. Changing your tires is quick and affordable, so you should do it on a yearly basis. If you don’t know when it’s the right time of the year to change your tires, read our blog article on this subject!