Three Awesome Wheels That Deserve to Be on Your Porsche

Porsche wheels

Three Awesome Wheels for Porsche

Porsche set a sales record last year with 57,202 cars sold in the United States. If you are a proud owner of your own Porsche, you’ll want to find a way to make it stand out from the crowd.

One great way to do that is to put custom wheels on it. Porsche wheels can range from wild to mild.

Check out these four options that will take your Porsche from run-of-the-mill to showstopper.

1. 20″ Staggered Savini Wheels Black Di Forza BM13 Custom Brushed Gold Light Weight Rims

These 20-inch staggered wheels are perfect for the owner who wants to make a bold statement. The custom brushed gold is sure to command attention as you roll through traffic.

While they are 20 inches, they come in a range of sizes from 8.5 to 11. There are also nine different bolt pattern options, so they are sure to fit your Porsche. You can even set the offset from low to high, depending on your vehicle.

2. 20″ Staggered Giovanna Wheels Dramuno-5 Black Rims

These wheels are perfect for the Porsche owner who wants to achieve that blacked out look. Or if you went bold with the paint, these black wheels won’t compete or look gaudy.

The classic five spoke design would give your Porsche a racing aesthetic. Plus Giovanna artfully added their logo to one spoke for a beautiful accent.

They are limited in size, 20×8.5 for the front, and 20×10 for the back. But they do have a range of bolt pattern options.

4. 20″ Staggered Lexani Wheels R-Four Black with Brushed Red Face Rims

Have you ever heard of someone describe a car as sex on wheels? These are the wheels that that car is on. A combo of bold red and pitch black grace the slender five-spoke design.

These are the wheels you pair with a black, white, or grey Porsche and let the wheels be the center of attention. They come in 20×8.5 for the front and 20×10 for the back. These also come in a range of bolt patterns.

4. 20″ Staggered Lexani Wheels Bavaria Chrome Rims

If you are a fan of old school muscles cars, then you’ll love these chrome wheels. They take chrome wheels and give them an elegant modern twist.

Unlike other plain flat chrome wheels, these have curves and twists to catch the light. That way, they will glint and shine as you roll down the road.

They come in 20×8.5 for the front and 20×10 for the back. You also have a range of bolt patterns for these wheels.

Choose Your New Porsche Wheels

When it comes to choosing the perfect wheels for your Porsche, you need to think about the image you want to portray. Do you want to be bold in your choice or go for more subtle elegance?

Whatever Porsche wheels you want, we can help you with our no credit check financing. After all, why should your credit score stop you from having the car of your dreams?

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