Top 5 Jacks for a Lifted Trucks

Pickup trucks continue to rise in popularity with hundreds of thousands sold every year. With the increase in sales also comes the increase in people customizing their trucks. One popular customization is to lift the truck.

It is important to think about more than just the lift though. You need to prepare for the future by buying one of the best jacks for lifted trucks. That way, you are prepared for the day you want to work on your truck.

Here are five of the best jacks on the market that can handle your lifted truck.

1. Torin Big Red Hydraulic

Let’s start this list off with one of the best on the market. This heavy-duty bottle jack may come in a small package, but that doesn’t detract from its lifting ability.

It weighs just 5.1 pounds but can lift a staggering 24,000 pounds or 12 tons. If this wasn’t impressive enough, it has a lifting range of 9.06″ to 18.11″.

This jack is a popular choice for its sturdiness and durability. It also comes with an easy to understand and elaborate user manual.

2. US JACK D-51125 12 Ton

If your professionally lifted truck is on the large side, then you need a jack that can handle the extra weight. This jack is the answer. It has a working capacity of 12 tons.

This means you’ll have a jack that is professional quality. Its smooth operation makes it easier to use. Some people will find this jack challenging to carry or travel with this jack. This makes it better suited for garage use.

3. Pro-Lift B-004D Grey Hydraulic

This jack embodies simplicity. It has a working capacity of 4 tons and has a reach of 8″ to 15-3/8″.

It’s slightly heavier than other jacks on this list, but still lightweight at 8 pounds. This jack does have some standout features that include heat treating in the stress areas, built-in bypass system, steel saddle, and adjustable screw.

4. Strongway Hydraulic High Lift Double Ram

This jack has a reputation of being one of the strongest jacks on the market. If you are looking for durability, then this is the jack for you.

It is heavier than the other jacks on this list at 22 pounds. But it makes up for it with an impressive working capacity of 6 tons. It also has one of the broadest ranges at 8.5″ to 19-1/8″.

Thanks to the canister design, it requires a lower oil pressure to do the same amount of work as other jacks. It also has integrated bypass and overload valves for increased safety during use.

5. Alltrade 640912 Black 3 Ton

This jack has a lower working capacity, but a greater range than other jacks on this list. Its capacity tops out at 3 tons. But the range is 11″ to 21″.

You’ll notice that this model has a broad steel base to give you the maximum amount of stability. It also has a safety lock that can be deployed at operating height.

Compare Jacks for Lifted Trucks

The time to buy jacks for lifted trucks is before you need one. By choosing one from this list, you are ensuring you have a quality piece of equipment that is sure to last through years of use.

If your truck isn’t lifted yet, contact us today and schedule an appointment to have us lift your truck.