How To Upgrade Your Nissan With After-Market Wheels

nissan after-market wheels

Nissans deliver performance, reliability, and style, all wrapped up in a sporty package. However, upgrading to custom off-market wheels can easily turn your ride into a unique head-turner.

If you’re searching for a Nissan after-market wheels that match your needs, then ask yourself this question. Are you looking purely for aesthetics, or are you also focused on performance capabilities?

There are countless wheels guaranteed to increase performance and handling while giving your car that sporty, yet sophisticated look.

Benefits of Nissan After-Market Wheels

Purchasing after-market wheels has countless benefits for your car. Not only do they look stylish and sophisticated, but they help your car handle at peak performance.

If you’re looking to make your car stand out and to hug corners and turn on a dime, then after-market wheels are a must-have.

Style and Sophistication

Upgraded wheels offer a sleek appearance and complement any Nissan model. If your car is black and you’re looking for a more refined look, then consider black wheels to match.

After-market wheels can be ordered to match your car, no matter what the color is.

Custom Nissan wheels can alter the appearance of any model. Depending on your style or your car’s trim, you can choose from a variety of materials. Chrome wheels would offset chrome accents already on your vehicle.

Choose from an endless selection of colors and designs guaranteed to make your Nissan turn heads when on the road.

Enhanced Performance and Safety

New wheels not only look good, but they give you upgraded handling on the road. When choosing new wheels for your Nissan, make sure to factor safety into the equation.

Check the diameter to make sure that the brakes, suspension, and body of your car are clear from the tires. It’s crucial to measure wheels and tires combined. If your backspace or offset is inaccurate, you’ll struggle with steering and turning.

Make sure not to go too large with wheels and tires. A good rule of thumb is if you go up in size two-inches in diameter, don’t go more than one-inch wider.

It’s not safe and sometimes illegal to choose tires significantly smaller than recommended by Nissan, so look for something compatible with your vehicle.

Check your owners manual before purchasing new wheels. They’re not one-size-fits-all. Wheels can have anywhere from three to five lug nuts, and the stud pattern is different from model to model.

The Total Package

No matter what model you have, there’s Nissan after-market wheels guaranteed to transform the look of your vehicle.

Nissan’s are amazing cars and have a stylish, sophisticated look straight off the assembly line. They’re sporty and boast all kinds of cool design elements. Adding after-market wheels allows you to put your mark on your car, and to take it to a new level of performance.

Check out our complete list of wheels and accessories, and get your Nissan ready to outperform all the other cars on the road. Our sales team is here to assist you with all your after-market needs.