What Is a Wheel and Tire Package? (And Why Do I Need One?)

In 2017, 738 people died in tire-related car accidents. Taking care of your tires should be a top priority in your car maintenance routine.

Also, you should ensure that you are using tires appropriate to the season. Winter driving conditions in many parts of the country are far different than at other times of the year.

The proper tires can mean the difference between going home or going to the morgue. But should you buy just the tires? Or should you buy a wheel and tire package? Keep reading to find out!

What Is a Wheel and Tire Package?

Instead of buying just loose tires, you can buy a wheel and tire package. This includes the wheel or rim, the interior portion that the tire is mounted around.

Since a wheel and tire package is more expensive than buying tires alone, you may wonder what is the benefit. Let’s find out.

Why Do I Need One?

A common reason that people switch out their tires is the changing seasons. In areas that get a lot of snow and ice, snow tires are a much safer option. They provide better traction and help the tires better grip the slick surface of a snowy street.

However, snow tires are more expensive than regular tires and wearing them down during the summer months isn’t ideal.

Also, the rubber used for winter tires is softer and more flexible to better grip snowy and icy roads. However, this softer rubber isn’t meant for temperatures above 45 degrees F and won’t offer the best handling on hot blacktop.

Additionally, snow tires offer more friction and resistance, giving you better traction in the snow. The rest of the time, it just means your car has to work harder to move, driving up your fuel costs.

Now we’ve established why you need to change your tires. Why change the wheels too? Let’s look.


Tires have to be correctly mounted on wheels, which for many people means a trip to the service shop. If you purchase a set of wheels for your tires, it’s easier to swap them out in your own garage.

You can change your tires whenever you want. No appointments and no waiting in line with everyone else that is crowding in to get their winter tires changed.

Even if you do decide to go to the mechanic, your trip will be much faster.


Buying a wheel and tire package can actually be less expensive than buying just the tires. While the upfront investment is a little more expensive, if you own the vehicle for several years, it makes sense to purchase the set instead.

That’s because every time you change just tires, you have to pay somebody to properly mount them on the wheels. When each set of tires is already mounted on their own wheels, changing them is quicker and less costly. Free, if you do it yourself.


When your winter tires have their own wheels, you can change up the look of your car with the changing seasons. Simply choose a different style wheel than the ones for your summer tires.

Additionally, you can choose wheels that are more suited to winter driving.

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