Spin the Wheel: Wheel Trends to Watch for in 2020

Wheel Trends for 2020

With the coming of the new year, new automotive additions and wheel trends are right around the corner.

Key players in the industry have started increasing their production capacity and are prepping for new product launches. Iochpe-Marion, Konig Wheels, OZ S.p.A, Carbon Revolution and a few other companies have shown they’re prepared for launch.

Until they reach a plus 65 percent capacity utilization, wheels are not profitable.

As far as targeting the new wheel trends, aesthetics and performance are a focus that consumers can expect. This isn’t a surprise for most, so what are a few wheels manufacturers are targeting?

It’s not surprising that vehicle owners have separate sets of wheels for different road conditions. Trendy wheel and rim additions are also common for their vehicles.

As far as production goes, investment costs are not as high ass they use to be, but they’re still significant. The focus is on weight reduction concern and continued advancements in the aesthetic that favor the market’s growth in 2020.

Black rims on wheels are rising among wheel trends in the automotive industry and have been for a few years. Whether it’s a gloss, matte, concave or another type of wheel, a lot of vehicles are adopting the “blacked out” look.

Uniqueness has taken off even wheel trends 2019 saw a jump in this aspect of wheels. The design and formulation of the spokes themselves have seen some interesting developments. From swirling designs to clustered spokes, even the design of rims is pushing wheel trends forward in 2020.

Invest in the Future

In 2016, an announcement made by the U.S. Energy Department showed $137 million was invested in commercial and passenger vehicles. This type of funding opened up dozens of avenues for new product development in the U.S., but overseas, vehicle advancements are also heating up.

In the same year, Wheel Pros LLC and KMC Wheels launched Rockstar, a platform that allows customers the ability to make alterations based on wheel trends with various off the shelf accessories. These investments in your car can increase its value and attract more buyers if you’re looking to sell.

The high-performance wheel market is set to hit $19.5 billion by 2026. These premium vehicles are becoming more and more in demand across the world and at lower starting prices. Invest in wheels that make your vehicle stand out.

Keep Your Wheels Clean

Increasing sales of automotive vehicles drive up the global wheel market in more than one aspect. There’s no surprise this drives up the tire and wheel cleaners market and car wash/care industry.

The Armor, All MUC-OFF, Mother’s Polishes, Eagle One and other key players in the tire and wheel cleaners industry are all rising alongside certain car wheel trends.

There is a direct correlation between new wheel trends and cleanliness. This is a result of the type of high performance and luxury vehicles that these new wheels will be on. As the spending of soon-to-be owners increases, growing awareness about car care products also increases.

Awareness and aesthetics matter when it comes to your wheels. They want to enhance a vehicle’s looks propels the growth of tire and wheel cleaners across the globe.

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