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Off-Road Wheels

Off-Road Wheels

AudioCityUSA is your specialist provider of premium off-road wheels for your truck and SUV. Our customers can select from our incredible range of off-road wheels from the top brands in the market. We present a selection of superior rims in sizes 16/17/18/19/20/22 and 24 inches, respectively. Be sure to browse our authentic line of impressive wheel brands from Fuel Off-Road, XD, RBP, Moto Metal, Method, and Black Rhino to American Truxx, Cali, Havok, Helo, Off-Road Monster, Scorpion, Vision and more. From polished silver and chrome to deep black, you can find one of a kind wheel when you invest in contemporary, stylish and lasting wheels with AudioCityUSA. Call us at +888-814-1158


18" Fuel Wheels D718 Heater Matte Black Off-Road Rims
Item No: FL250-3
Fuel Off-Road
18" Fuel Wheels D718 Heater Matte Black Off-Road Rims
Set of 4pcs or 5pcs
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18" Fuel Wheels D720 Heater Matte Black with Machined Face and DDT Off-Road Rims
Item No: FL252-3
Fuel Off-Road
18" Fuel Wheels D720 Heater Matte Black with Machined Face and DDT Off-Road Rims
Set of 4pcs or 5pcs
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How to Choose the Best Off-Road Wheels 

Keeping your truck in the best possible condition requires an investment into quality parts. While you may have experienced many disappointing wheel additions over time, with AudioCityUSA, we assure you of high quality and valuable wheels you can depend on. Kindly find our premium wheels or affordable rims for your truck, each with its own set of features for your performance and enhancement needs. Search by brand and find the size of wheels that are suitable for your auto. With our tips on finding the top off-road wheels for your truck and SUV, you can make the best possible vehicle decisions. 

The selection of the right tires can be made easier with a tough and valuable line of off-road wheels only we at AudioCityUSA can provide. When you choose our rim selection, you will not only save time and find competitive prices, but you will also have peace of mind you are purchasing quality wheels for your vehicle. 


When Selecting Wheels for Your Truck, the Following Factors Must be Considered




Trucks that will be performing off-road require a superior set of wheels. From cruising along dirt roads to climbing hills and grinding through gravel, your truck needs the toughest wheels to withstand damage. Steel and alloy wheels are popular materials offering the durability necessary for high-level performance. It is essential to understand the difference between steel and alloy to help you make the very best rim selection.


Steel rims are considered best for high-performance off-roading where damages can be easily sustained. Your wheels need to protect against harsh conditions, chips and scuffs while moving through rough terrain. A heavy-duty steel rim can deliver the durability needed to resist exterior impact and maintain its appearance. 


Alloy wheels are ideal for towing purposes and similar heavy-duty applications. Consisting of a lightweight aluminium, it is best for both on and off-road activity where speed and high impact braking are performed. A high shine finish makes the alloy line a favorable option when you are looking for high shine, customized finishes. 




The overall size of wheels selected will directly influence the performance capabilities of your truck. It is important that the correct styles of wheels are chosen to ensure that you do not cause damage to your rims when driving over rocky and uneven terrain. The most durable and functional wheels are required for the safe and effective performance of your off-road vehicle.


At AudioCityUSA, we offer our customers a premium selection of the toughest off-road wheels. Committed to quality and durability, we are recognized as true leaders in the best off-road wheels. From aftermarket to custom wheels, trust your superior provider of all major wheel brands in the US. 

We carry all major Off-Road Wheel Brands in various widths, designs and finishes. The options are limitless. Call us at +888.814.1158 and discover an exceptional range of wheels for all your off-road needs. 


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