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Finding The Wheels You've Always Wanted

Since 1989, Audio City USA Wheels has been dedicated to providing the highest quality products and excellent customer service to all of our customers throughout Southern California. We pride ourselves in carrying the largest selection of wheels and tiresavailable on the market with unbeatable pricing and have expanded to fast shipping our wheels all over the United States. We have been a distributor for major brands such as Lexani, Asanti, Giovanna, Savini, AC Forged, Rohana, Vossen, Iroc, Niche, Dub, Fuel, and more, for many years and we are confident that we can provide all of our customers with the perfect fit to complete the look of their car, truck, or SUV no matter what the brand, size, or finish. Our dedicated team of experts have years of experience in the automotive aftermarket industry and are ready to answer any questions about our wheels and tires.

So whether you are looking for staggered wheels, off-road wheels, or custom wheels, you can be sure that you will find exactly what you want for your car, truck, or SUV.

Off Road Wheels and Tires

Putting Wheels And Tires On Your Truck

If you are looking to upgrade the look of your off-road vehicle, check out our amazing selection of off-road wheels and tire packages.

Here at AudioCityUSA Wheels, we specialize in finding the perfect fitment for your off-road trucks, Jeeps, or SUV and proudly carry all major off-road wheel brands such as Fuel Off Road, XD, KMC, RBP, 2Crave, Moto Metal, Red Dirt, and more. Whether you have a stock or lifted vehicle, we offer a wide selection of wheels and rims from 15” all the way to 24” with various widths, designs, and finishes. The options are endless and you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for on your 4x4 truck, Jeep, or SUV.

Buy Now, Pay Later!

Buy Now, Pay Later!

Apply today and get Instant Approval!

Financing is available without credit checks for any wheels and tires available on our website. With our easy No Credit Needed Finance program, you can get the wheels you have always wanted without the hassle. We offer flexible payment options as well as a 90 day payment option where you will not be charged any interest as long as you pay off within 90 days. It does not matter whether you have bad credit or no credit, fill out our easy online application and get approved instantly.

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