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1AV Wheels

Looking for a striking set of wheels for your vehicle? If so, no other brand will be able to bring you the unique style and extreme quality of 1AV Wheels. 1AV WHEELS is not just another rim manufacturer. 1AV is a brand fully devoted to designing and producing the best wheels for all kinds of vehicles. Regardless of whether you are driving a passenger car, a sports car, a luxury sedan, an SUV, a CUV, or a pickup truck, 1AV has the wheels you have always dreamed of.



Item No: OAV014-3
1AV Wheels
22" 1AV Wheels ZX11 Gloss Black with Machined Face Rims
Set of 4pcs
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Item No: OAV002-1
1AV Wheels
18" 1AV Wheels ZX1 Satin Black Rims
Set of 4pcs
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Stylish, sporty, or aggressive


Finding the perfect wheels is sometimes a daunting task. The market is crowded with wheels that claim to be "high-end products" but end up being quite the opposite. Scratches, dents, and even fading colors are common symptoms of these kinds of "premium" products. 


At AUDIOCITYUSA we are aware of it, that's why we bring you 1AV Wheels, a true premium brand, that combines an innovative style with unprecedented strength in a single product.

When it comes to trending styles, for years 1AV has set the standard for wheels of all kinds.  Need a sober set of wheels for your BMW? 1AV has got you covered. Prefer a traditional sporty style? Done. ZX9 5-spoke wheels or perhaps ZX6 6-spoke wheels will certainly please you. What about a more aggressive and distinctive look? No problem. We are pretty sure that the bold design of ZX1 wheels will instantly grab your attention. Not comfortable with the traditional silver finish? Relax. Most 1AV lines are available in either silver/polished finish or gloss black finish.


Lightweight, yet tough


As important as the attention-grabbing look of wheels can be for many, our experience at AUDIOCITYUSA is that that's not enough. To guarantee your investment, wheels should also be extremely reliable regardless of your driving style. Fortunately, concerning quality, 1AV alloy wheels also stand out from the rest. 

1AV Wheels’ top-notch machinery and a reliable forging process guarantee a perfect finish, but most importantly, it also ensures an incredible strength despite the sleekness of their design. Moreover, given that 1AV wheels are lighter than most of their rivals, they offer a significant improvement in both acceleration and braking performance.

All in all, 1AV alloy wheels' unique features make them the ideal choice for people looking to take their vehicle's styling and performance to the next level.  



  • Durable one-piece construction. The state-of-the-art forging process and one-piece construction used by 1AV wheels gives them unrivaled structural strength and durability

  • Lightweight. The cutting-edge design of the AV1 wheels eliminates unnecessary weight without losing stiffness. The result is extremely light wheels that offer unmatched reliability and a smooth ride.

  • Wide variety of applications. 1AV wheels are available in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 22 inches. Moreover, most 1AV designs are available in common bolt patterns used by top domestic and import brands  

  • Unique look. Your vehicle is an extension of your personality. That’s why 1AV offers all kinds of wheels in different colors and spokes patterns ranging from traditional to modern to daring designs. 



At AUDIOCITYUSA, we know that owning a set of high-quality wheels is not enough. Wheels should also look amazing once installed on your vehicle. We distribute 1AV alloy wheels with confidence for that reason. They offer you superior reliability and unbeatable style. 

Having doubts about the bolt pattern you need? What about the maximum wheel diameter recommended for your vehicle? Feel free to contact the AUDIOCITYUSA expert team. Our commitment is to provide you with both unmatched customer experience and the lowest prices.


Industry Leader in wheel distribution, Nationally, and Globally, Serving for

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Aftermarket Fitment Guarantee

Our wheel specialists have years of experience in the aftermarket wheel industry and will provide you with expert knowledge of wheel fitments. They will help you find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Wheel & Tire Packages

Make it convenient and order a complete wheel and tire package. We offer FREE mounting and balancing and FREE Lugs and Locks for all wheel and tire packages. Wheels will be shipped to you ready to install.

Fast Delivery

Audio City USA partners with the largest shippers in the US to make sure that you receive your order in a timely manner. Audio City USA strives to offer the fastest and most cost-effective shipping methods for our customers, but please understand that during this difficult time of price increases and staff shortages, there will be unforeseen delays. We ask our customers for their patience and understanding.

FREE ROAD FORCE BALANCE with Any Wheels and Tires Package

The Road Force®Vibration Control System includes Hunter’s exclusive Road Force Measurement System. This system utilizes a “road roller” which measures the uniformity of the wheel and tires, simulating a road force test and verifying if the assembly is “round when rolling” under load.

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