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20" Fuel Wheels D537 Maverick Black Machined Off-Road Rims

20" Fuel Wheels D537 Maverick Black Machined Off-Road Rims ※ Lip size varies on the width of the wheel
※ Lip size varies on the width of the wheel

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D537 Maverick


20x9 / 20x10 / 20x12 (According to Vehicle)


5 Lugs / 6 Lugs / 8 Lugs (According to Vehicle)


-76mm / -44mm / -24mm / -18mm / -12mm / +1mm / +20mm (According to Vehicle)


Black Machined


Brand New


4 pcs (1 set) or 5 pcs (1 set)


Not Included


Available custom color combinations (optional).

Some vehicles may require additional modifications or parts.

​Wheel prices will vary depending on vehicle.

Wheels and Tires package (FREE Mount and Balance)


Let’s get one thing straight: rims and wheels mean the same thing and are used interchangeably. Fuel Wheels manufactures superlative models ideal for off-roading, and perhaps the best example of this category is the range of Fuel Maverick Wheels. Every aftermarket and tuning enthusiast knows and respects the awesome prowess of these models. These are 2-piece alloy wheels forged from high-quality aluminum. Fuel Maverick Wheels are notable for their distinctive 8 –spoke design, their durability, resistance to rust and for their customized models made possible by the company’s modular engineering. Add a bit of panache to your car with a set of these wheels today!  

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Fuel Maverick Wheels good? 
Fuel Maverick Wheels are more than good- they are groundbreaking in terms of performance, stability, looks, grace and durability. These rims are one of the fastest-selling models in the aftermarket circles of not only the United States but also the world, and such circles are notoriously choosy. But with their extensive experience, Fuel Wheels has come up with the Maverick range, which has at least 1 model for every client. Manufactured from high-end aluminum in modern plants, these are your go-to wheels for every occasion. The style quotient is an added bonus. 
Are Fuel Maverick Wheels high quality? 
Yes, all models of the Fuel Maverick Wheels range are very HQ rims. The principal reason behind this is the huge amounts of Research and Development that Fuel Wheels has introduced to their design and their process of manufacturing. Starting from the superior aluminum used as the primary raw material in their manufacturing to their ability to absorb shocks and panic braking and still go on running effortlessly, Fuel Maverick Wheels are right up there with the best. These rims are ideal for luxury cars and also the latest SUVs. The 8-spoke design that they sport is catchy as anything! 
What are Fuel Maverick Wheels made of? 
The stunning range of Fuel Maverick Wheels are made from superior-quality aluminum, something that most market leaders also use. This raw material is the first of many aspects in which the Maverick range excels in. Fuel Wheels then uses its proprietary technologies learnt from its experiences on the racing track and uses them to fuel these rims to the desired level of function, pun intended. Whenever you buy a set of new Fuel Maverick Wheels, you are automatically getting style and panache added together. Overall, you cannot go wrong with these rims. That’s Fuel for you! 
Part Number: D53720909850,D53720901750,D53720901850,D53720901857,D53720907050,D53720907057,D53720908250,D53720909857,D53720009845,D53720001747,D53720001847,D53720002645,D53720007045,D53720008247,D53720009847,D53720009850,D53720209847,D53720200547,D53720207047,D53720208247

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The Road Force®Vibration Control System includes Hunter’s exclusive Road Force Measurement System. This system utilizes a “road roller” which measures the uniformity of the wheel and tires, simulating a road force test and verifying if the assembly is “round when rolling” under load.

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