Want to Buy a Lift Kit? Here’s What It Includes!

If you want to take your truck or Jeep off-roading, desert driving, or you just want that feeling of sitting high on the road, you need a lift kit. You also need to know what a lift kit includes.

Before you buy a lift kit, take some time to find out what to expect. That way you can make sure you’re spending your money on the right components.

Lift kits come in a variety of packages, specifications, and intended uses. Choosing the right parts for your truck and your needs will enhance your off-road ride and your style.

Here’s some information about what goes into a lift kit.

What is a Lift Kit?

When you buy a lift kit you increase the height of your vehicle, add ground clearance, improve the truck’s balance, and get better off-road performance.

Lift kits come in 2 major types. You can either invest in a body lift kit or a suspension lift kit.

A body lift kit is great for increasing the overall height of your truck. It’s mostly about appearance and looks but it will change your ride when cruising on the highway, too.

A suspension lift kit is designed for off-roading. These kits increase the ground clearance so that you can drive over rough terrain or even run the Rubicon Trail.

What Do I Get When I Buy a Lift Kit?

Most lift kits include things like adjustable control arms, shocks, sway bar links, bushings, track bars, and coil springs. These pieces raise your Jeep anywhere from 1 to 7 inches. They also allow you to add bigger tires.

Not all kits include all the parts you’ll need. The precise component parts in a kit will depend on what you’re trying to do to your truck.

A body lift kit uses spacers mounted above the bushings. These spacers add height to the body. This kind of kit doesn’t change the ground clearance because the suspension and wheels aren’t affected. It does allow you to fit larger wheels, though.

A suspension kit includes things like new suspension parts, coil spring spacers, new leaf springs, longer coil springs, and torsion bar keys. Suspension lift kits fundamentally change your truck. You’ll be able to add larger tires and wheels and you’ll also get increased ground clearance.

Talk To an Expert When You Want To Buy a Lift Kit

Even if you want to install the kit yourself, it’s best to talk to an expert before you buy a lift kit. There are so many different parts in different kits. And not all kits come with some of the basic parts you will also need.

Cheaper kits sometimes don’t include things like brake lines and u-bolts. When you change a truck’s suspension with a lift kit you might also end up needing new driveshafts or new exhaust systems.

An expert can guide you through the process so that you have everything you need to make your F-150 lift kit or Jeep lift kit has the parts to get you off-the-road in the right way.

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