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AudioCityUSA is the best BMW Rims and BMW Wheels Company providing superior 19/20/22/24 inch BMW Staggered Wheels services. We carry an extensive selection of BMW wheels. We have all sizes, widths, and finishes available on many BMW rims designs. Any of our BMW wheels can be custom colored or color matched anyway you like. We also offer custom built BMW wheels in any size or width for those looking for that aggressive look. . We carry from 1pc cast to 2pc & 3pc forged BMW rims, any of our luxurious designs will be sure to give you that sporty high end look you'll love for years to come. Financing available with Bad Credit!!


If you are a true car buff, you know that nothing can set you apart from the pack like a new set of rims. The right set of rims can turn an ordinary car into a conversational piece. Audio City USA has the largest selection of BMW rims and BMW wheels for sale. You will have your pick from the various widths, sizes and finishes of BMW rims. This selection includes options for BMW staggered wheels. No matter your wheels’ configuration, you will find a fit at Audio City USA’s BMW Wheels for sale.

In addition, you can customize the BMW rims and BMW M3 wheels so that the final design is tailored to your exact specifications.Some say the wider the rim, the more impressive, however, the details could make all of the difference. Customize your BMW rims with your unique details so that they match your personality. The BMW rims come in 1pc to 3 pc casts. The wide array design choices are endless from sporty to luxurious.All of the BMW rims, BMW M3 wheels, and BMW wheels for sale at Audio City USA are in stock so if you place an order today, it will ship tomorrow.

So what happens when you are all set to purchase a set of BMW rims and BMW wheels but you have bad credit? Audio City USA has the solution by offering financing in this situation. You will not need good credit to buy a set of BMW rims or BMW M3 wheels. Moreover, if you are active duty military, you will receive fast and easy financing. Now you really donot have an excuse. If you see a set of 22” of BMW rims in your future, there is nothing stopping you from making this a reality.

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