1982 Chevy K5 Blazer | 24″ Strada Wheels Moto Black Machine | Lowered | AudioCityUsa

For this Lowered 1982 Chevy K5 Blazer our customer wanted a new and modern wheel with a concave profile, and went with 24″ Strada wheels Moto in a black machine finish. Wheel and tire set up is 24×10 wrapped with 275-35-24 Tires with no Rubbing issues.
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7_1982_Chevy_K5_Blazer _24_Strada_Moto_Wheels_rims_Black_Machine8_1982_Chevy_K5_Blazer _24_Strada_Moto_Wheels_rims_Black_Machine 1982_Chevy_K5_Blazer _24_Strada_Moto_Wheels_rims_Black_Machine 1_1982_Chevy_K5_Blazer _24_Strada_Moto_Wheels_rims_Black_Machine 2_1982_Chevy_K5_Blazer _24_Strada_Moto_Wheels_rims_Black_Machine 3_1982_Chevy_K5_Blazer _24_Strada_Moto_Wheels_rims_Black_Machine 4_1982_Chevy_K5_Blazer _24_Strada_Moto_Wheels_rims_Black_Machine 5_1982_Chevy_K5_Blazer _24_Strada_Moto_Wheels_rims_Black_Machine