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DUB Wheels take pride in producing quality wheels and rims fit for your vehicle. This time, we have the 26″ DUB Wheels Big Baller S222. They provide excellent wheels to give power to your car. Whether you’re looking for stylish rims to give a new look to your car, of a kind of wheel to withstand a long drive. DUB Wheels can surely upgrade your vehicle’s appearance and performance on the road. These 26″ DUB Wheels Big Baller S222 takes the word luxury to a whole new level, with modern technology, creative designs and top quality materials, DUB Wheels and rims can, for sure, provide your vehicle’s needs. They have a wide range of wheels to choose from, including this Big Baller S222, together with its chrome rims.

Just like this SUV, one of our customers wanted something bigger than his 2012 Cadillac Escalade wheels and we decided to go with the DUB Wheels Big Baller S222 with Chrome Rims to give it a more elegant look.

The wheel and tire set up is 26×10, and wrapped with 305-30-26 tires, with no rubbing issues.

DUB Wheels Big Baller S222 with Chrome Rims

gives a star quality and makes his 2012 Cadillac Escalade look so much upgraded compared to its previous setup. A perfect look for a big vehicle such as this one, and looking at those fine and polished chrome rims, it surely gives a new glow to the SUV’s overall appearance and presents a strong yet classy presence. A perfect combination to complete this sophisticated style, these wheels go so well together with the car’s body. A 2012 Cadillac Escalade itself is luxurious, adding these DUB Wheels Big Baller S222 gives that next level to this SUV, showing sophistication, speed, high performance and comfort while driving. What a beautiful set up for an amazing vehicle. You have the style, the speed, the durability, and the power of these new wheels.

These components will make your ride smooth and easy with a good amount of speed and durability, giving your car an awesome new look with great performance. DUB Wheels are made with high quality materials, giving their one piece Big Baller S222 wheels sturdiness and durability while driving. I’m telling you, DUB Wheels make the best ones in terms of style, design and modern technology all packed in their wheels. What more can you ask for?

Let’s go and have a look at our customer’s brand new set up.

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Specifications(as seen in the photos below):

• Vehicle – 2012 Cadillac Escalade

• Wheels – 26×10  DUB Wheels Big Baller S222 with Chrome Rims

• Tires – 305-30-26 Tires

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DUB Wheels For Performance And Style

|26″ DUB Wheels Big Baller S222 Chrome Rims
26″ DUB Wheels Big Baller S222 Chrome Rims
26″ DUB Wheels Big Baller S222 Chrome Rims

An awesome set up for the customer’s 2012 Cadillac Escalade. This definitely looks luxurious and gives a classic look, these polished chrome rims on this SUV go so well together. Made with premium materials, this one piece wheel is durable and perfectly engineered for vehicles to have a comfortable drive. It’s stable and improves your vehicle’s performance while driving. Any weather, wet or dry, the DUB Wheels Big Baller S222 can handle it. A simple rim design with five spokes, and a smooth and fine finish of chrome to make your vehicle look sophisticated for an SUV. These wheels are a dream. Simple yet elegant and functional with high performance and durability, for a powerful vehicle.

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