How to Clean Black Rims and Keep Them Looking Brand New

how to clean black rims

Those black rims would make a great addition to your brand new lifted truck.

You already know how much dust and dirt that a black vehicle can attract and rims wouldn’t be any different.

How many of you car enthusiasts struggle with wanting new rims but have no idea how to clean black rims?

Well here are 5 ways to keep your black rims clean and looking new.

Finish Matters

Rims will be finished in one of two ways: gloss or matte. Gloss is the most popular by far.

The finish of your rims determines what kind of products can be used on your rims.


The material your rims are made out of is a key factor in determining how you should treat your rims.

Steel rims are more cost-efficient, however, due to their weight, they cause the vehicle to be close to the ground and hinder vehicle performance.

Aluminum alloy rims are becoming more popular but cost a pretty penny. Compared to Steel rims they’re lighter and increase vehicle performance overall.

Some materials can handle stronger chemicals while others can be damaged.

Things to Avoid

Using steel wool cleaning pads puts you at risk of permanently scratching your rims.

Homemade and general-purpose cleaners could ruin the look and finish of your rims and should be avoided.

Water vs. Waterless

Waterless cleaners make things fast and easy. They can be used on any rim material however, always check to see if a specific cleaner is safe for your rim finish.

Cleaners that need water are similar to waterless cleaners in that they are specific to certain rim finishes. With cleaners that need water, you’ll need to spray the rim with water before applying the cleaner or rinse after the cleaner has been applied.

The cleaners that need water can take longer to clean your rims however, they might be necessary depending on how dirty your rims are.

How to Clean Black Rims

Now onto actually cleaning your rims. Park your car in a shaded area and always rinse your rims first before using any products.

Next, apply your product of choice to your rims. Once you’ve allowed the solution to set for a bit scrub with a soft cloth or brush to avoid scratching or chipping your rims.

Finally, rinse the solution off of your rims and dry them with a soft cloth.

Optionally, you can follow cleaning your rims with wax to keep the rims looking clean and shiny longer.

Rims should be cleaned thoroughly at least once every 2 to 3 months

Be in the Know

You now know 5 ways to preserve the look of the rim, how to clean black rims, and have them looking new and shiny for years to come.

Black rims can add some great aesthetic to your vehicle but always make sure to know how to treat them so they don’t detract from your vehicle. They should be treated with great care.

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