I’ve Got 99 Problems – 5 Common Tire Problems to Look Out for

tire problems

5 Common Tire Problems to Look Out for

You have to pay attention to what your tires are telling you or you might pay the price.

Most people look at a tire and just see a tire. It’s hard to diagnose where a potential problem might be if you have no clue what you’re looking at.

Today we’re going to discuss 5 of the most common tire problems that we see and how to find them. The sooner you can identify these problems, the more likely you are to avoid a blowout on the road.

1. Uneven Tread

The tread on your tires can tell you a lot about how well things are working inside your vehicle, most likely the suspension. The tread shouldn’t wear unevenly, so if you notice that it’s bald on the outside and full on the inside, you know you’ve got a problem.

When your tires are misaligned like this, it wears them out much faster and you’re way more likely of an unforeseen blowout. Check the tread periodically to make sure everything looks normal.

2. Bald Tires

You can’t drive on completely bald tires. The simple fact of the matter is that tires don’t last forever, but people often treat them as if they do. When the tread wears out, you’ve got a bald tire that you shouldn’t drive on.

It’s sad when a tire wears out prematurely, but it does happen for various reasons. Make sure that you replace them as soon as you notice bald tires because they’re poised to blow out when they get to that stage.

3. Under Inflation

Buy a pressure gauge and check your tire inflation often. Under-inflated tires tend to flex more in the sidewall, which causes them to heat up to temperatures much too high for driving. When you’re driving on the highway like this for too long, the rubber will start to degrade and eventually explode.

4. Squealing Around Corners

When your tires are squealing at your every turn, it’s often a sign of one of the problems that we’ve just talked about. If you inspect your tires regularly, then you’ll see them before its a problem, but your car will let you know when things are getting serious.

Squealing is usually a sign of low tread, an alignment problem, or under-inflation.

5. Freeway Vibrations

Have you ever noticed your steering wheel vibrating uncontrollably when you’re driving at high speeds?

While this might feel serious, it’s actually a pretty easy fix for a mechanic, as it just means that your tires are slightly out of balance. If it’s happening to you, take your car into a mechanic and have them put it on a balancing machine. They’ll add counterbalancing weights to the tires and you’ll be going smoothly once again.

Your Tire Problems Are Everyone Else’s Tire Problems Too

These are 5 of the most common tire problems, but you should be checking your tires every time you get in the car to make sure everything seems normal. As soon as you hear a strange noise or feel a strange vibration, stop and check out the tires first. Ignoring tire problems is putting everyone, including yourself, at risk.

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