22″ Lexani Wheels Aries Satin Bronze Rims | Lexani Tires LX-Thirty | 2019 Dodge Charger Scatpack 392


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Lexani Wheels For this 2019 Dodge Charger Scat Pack 392our customer wanted wheels that stands outwith a contrast from his satin black color.Customer also wanted an aggressive-stance with thin spokes and we ultimately decided on22″ Lexani Wheels Aries Satin Bronze … Continue reading

20″ FR 73 Staggered Dodge Demon Wheels with Gloss Black OEM Replica Rims | Lexani LX-Thirty Tires | 2018 Dodge Challenger RT | Audio City USA


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OEM Replica Rims One of our customers wanted  a deep concave Challenger Wheel for a 2018 Dodge Challenger RT, we decided to go with the 20″ FR 73 Dodge Demon Wheels with Gloss Black OEM Replica Rims. The FR 73 … Continue reading

[Today’s Video] DUB Wheels S133 Directa Rims on Dodge Charger Road Test | BLG101916


DUB Wheels AudioCityUSA offer the widest selection of Dub wheels. The Whole range of Dub wheels are available and fits on luxury sedans and trucks and SUVs. Dub wheels are manufactured by MHT wheels. We have all sizes, widths, and … Continue reading