22″ Rennen Forged Wheels RL-M5x Brush Face, Polish Windows Deep Concave rims | BLG090616

22″ Rennen Forged Wheels RL-M5x were built for a 2014 Audi A7 with an aggressive staggered fitment, tailor made for audi wheels. These forged wheels come in a brush face, with polish windows deep concave.
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22_Rennen_Forged_Wheels_RL-M5x_audiocityusa 22_Rennen_Forged_Wheels_RL-M5x_audiocityusa_1 22_Rennen_Forged_Wheels_RL-M5x_audiocityusa_2 22_Rennen_Forged_Wheels_RL-M5x_audiocityusa_3