Choosing the Best Off-Road Wheels for Your Rugged Ride (2020)

best off-road wheels

Best Off-Road Wheels

Did you know that Lamborghini sells an SUV? It’s called a Urus, and you too can have one for a cool $200,000. The fact that a sports car company is selling an SUV proves how popular trucks and SUVs are these days.

As more people buy these beefed up vehicles, off-roading is also becoming more popular. One of the first things people do when getting into off-roading is to purchase new wheels.

Buying the best off-road wheels isn’t like buying wheels for the street. Follow this guide to ensure you buy the right set of wheels for your off-road adventures.


As SUVs and trucks become bigger and more popular, manufacturers have beefed up their wheels. This is to accommodate the increased size and weight and to improve their looks.

These bigger wheels aren’t suitable for off-roading. The bigger the wheel, the smaller the tire sidewall. This is the exact opposite of what makes a good off-roading setup.

Stick with a small wheel diameter and a larger tire sidewall. Remember, though, the bigger your sidewall, the greater your risk of sidewall deflection.

You also need to look at the width. Too wide of a tire, and you’ll struggle with clearance and increase the strain you put on your frontend.

A safe choice is to choose a tire slightly wider than your wheel. This will improve your bead retention and put your tire sidewall more upright.


If you have a tight budget, then steel is your first choice. They average about half the cost of aluminum wheels.

These wheels are also extremely durable and strong. This is a quality you want if you plan on venturing deep into the wilderness.

If you collide with a blunt object, your rim will bend instead of cracking. You have a fighting chance of repairing your wheel on the trail with some “gentle” persuasion from a hammer.

Their most significant disadvantage is that steel is heavy and can rust. The excess weight can change the handling and performance of your vehicle.

Rust may not happen right away, but if you go off-road a lot, then you risk your powder coating or paint getting worn away. This will leave the metal exposed and at risk of rust.


Your second option is aluminum wheels. Their biggest advantage is their reduced weight. You also don’t have to worry about rust. You do run the risk of cracking them in extreme conditions, though.

There are two types of aluminum wheels, cast and forged. Cast wheels are mass-produced and have the most variety.

If you’re looking for higher quality, go with forged. These wheels have lightweight benefits and increased strength and durability. They are also the most expensive option on the market.

The Finish

You have the option of painted, chromed, polished, or powder coated. While each finish has its pros and cons, powder-coated wheels give you the best bang for your buck.

They’re low maintenance and will stay looking great for years. When they do start to look rough, have them media blasted and re-powder coated. They’ll look like new again.

Find the Best Off-Road Wheels

When it comes to choosing the best off-road wheels, it’s all about your preferences and the performance you’re looking for. Consider your budget, the wheel weight, and where you plan to go.

Browse our selection of off-road wheels and give your ride a new look today.