22″ Road Force Wheels RF22 Gloss Black | Lexani LX-Twenty Tires | 2019 Audi e-tron 55 Quattro


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For This 2019 Audi e-tron 55 Quattroour customer wanted Audi Wheels with anagggressive Concave wheel profile andwent with 22″ Road Force Wheels RF22Gloss Black. Wheel and tire set up is22×9 & 22×10.5 wrapped with 265-40-22 & 305-35-22 Lexani Tires LX-Twenty … Continue reading

24″ Force Off-Road Wheels F38 Black Milled | RBP Tires Repulsor M/T RX | 4″ Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit | 2019 Chevy Silverado LT Trail Boss


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For this 2019 Chevy Silverado LT Trail Bossour customer wanted Silverado Wheels withan aggressive off-road wheel setup and wentwith 24″ Force Off-Road Wheels F38 Black Milled.Wheel and tire set up is 24×14 wrapped with37×13.5×24 RBP Tires Repulsor M/T RXwith a … Continue reading

XIX Wheels X15 Gloss Black Face and Lip with Bronze Cap and Hardware | AudioCityUSA Custom Color Program


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[AudioCityUSA Custom Color Program] XIX Wheels X15 Custom Gloss Black Face and Lip with Bronze Cap and Hardware 20″ is available in 20×8.5 & 20×1022″ is available in 22×9 & 22×10.5

20″ Pinnacle Wheels P202 Supreme Gloss Black Milled | Lionhart Tires LH-Five | 2017 Subaru Legacy 2.0 AWD


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For this 2017 Subuar Legacy 2.0 AWDour customer wanted Subaru Wheelswith a staggered fitment and went with 20″ Pinnacle Wheels P202 SupremeGloss Black Milled. Wheel and tiresetup is 20×8.5 & 20×10 wrapped with245-35-20 & 275-30-20 Lionhart Tires. *NOTE: Rear Fenders … Continue reading

21″ Lexani Forged Wheels LC-108 Gloss Black | Pirelli Tires P-Zero | 2018 Aston Martin DB11


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For this 2018 Aston Martin DB11our customer wanted Aston Martin wheels witha deep concave profile and went with21″ Lexani Forged wheels LC-108 Gloss Black.Wheel and tire set up is 21×9 & 21×11.5wrapped with 255-35-21 & 305-30-21Pirelli Tires P-Zero with no … Continue reading

21″ Savini Wheels BM14 Gloss Black | Lexani Tires LX-Twenty | H&R Lowering Springs | 2012 BMW 650i Convertible


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For this Lowered on 2012 BMW 650iConvertible our customer wantedBMW Wheels with a deep concave-profile and went with21″ Savini Wheels BM14 Gloss Black. Wheel and tire set up is 21×9 & 21×10.5 wrapped with 245-35-21 & 285-30-21 Lexani Tires LX-Twenty … Continue reading

20″ Shift Wheels Spring Gloss Black with Candy Red Milled | Lexani Tires LX-Twenty | Tein Suspension Flex Z Coilovers | 2021 Honda Civic


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For this Lowered 2021 Honda Civicour customer wanted Honda Wheelswith a concave Profile and went with20″ Shift Wheels Spring Gloss Blackw/ Candy Red Milled. Wheel and tireset up is 20×8.5 wrapped with 235-30-20Lexani Tires LX-Twenty lowered onTein Suspension Flex Z … Continue reading

AC Forged AC 313 Gloss Black with Matte Black Lip and Gold Rivets & Cap


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AC Forged Wheels AC313 Gloss Black Face with Matte Black Lip (Inner & Outer) | Gold Rivets & Center Caps Available Sizes: 18″ – 28″

22″ AC Forged Wheels Split5 Matte Black with Gloss Black Lip | Lexani Tires LX-Thirty | 1969 Chevrolet C10


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For this 1969 Chevy C10 our customer wantedC10 wheels with a deep lip profile andwent with 22″ AC Forged Wheels Split5Matte Black with Gloss Black Lip. Wheel andtire set up is 22×9 & 22×10.5 wrapped with265-35-22 & 295-30-22 Lexani LX-Thirty … Continue reading

20″ AC Wheels AC02 Gloss Black with Red Milled – *Deep Concave Profile | Lionhart Tires LH-Five | 2016 Ford Mustang


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For this 2016 Ford Mustang (S550)our customer wanted Mustang wheelswith an aggressive Deep Concave-Profile and went with 20″ AC WheelsAC02 Gloss Black Red Milled. Wheel and tire set up is 20×9 & 20×10.5wrapped with 255-35-20 & 285-30-20Lexani Tires LX-Twenty with … Continue reading