24″ Tyfun Wheels TF705 Chrome | Lexani Tires LX-Thirty | 2017 Dodge Charger Hellcat


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So, who doesn’t like a Hellcat? The V8 rumble from the exhaust isunmistakable and the superchargerwhine lets you know that this is one-mean machine that you shouldnot mess with. To have one in asubtle color such as the grey onebelow … Continue reading

20″ TSW Wheels Snetterton Hyper Silver with Mirror Cut Lip | Lexani Tires LX-Twenty | 2020 Honda Accord Sedan


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For this 2020 Honda Accord,our customer wanteda set of deep-dish Accord wheel.He was adamant that we go witha hyper silver face and polished lips.After much discussion,we came to a consensus on the20″ TSW Wheels SnettertonHyper Silver with Mirror Cut Lip.What … Continue reading

Lexani Forged Wheels LZ-770 & LF-770 Orange Madness with Gloss Black and Chrome Lip *TRUE DIRECTIONAL* | 2018 Polaris Slingshot | AudioCityUSA | BLG040120


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Lexani Forged Wheels Our customer wanted somethingdifferent and wanted to stand out fromthe crowd for his 2018 Polaris Slingshot.What you see below is the Lexani Forged Wheels (F) LZ-770 / (R) LF-770 in an Orange Madnessw/ Gloss Black and Chrome … Continue reading

20″ Ferrada Wheels FR4 Silver Machined with Chrome Lip Rims | Lexani Tires LX-Twenty | 2019 Honda Accord Sport | AudioCityUSA | BLG120219


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Ferrada Wheels For this 2019 Honda Accord Sportour customer wanted Accord wheelswith a deep concave profile all around.The new design allows more concavity byusing a semi 2-piece design to push the spokes beyond the plane of the barrel lip.The wheels … Continue reading

22″ XO Wheels Phoenix Gunmetal Brushed Face | Continental Tires DWS06 | 2020 BMW M8 Competition


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XO Wheels For this 2020 BMW M8 Competition our customerwanted BMW Wheels with an aggressive fitment.He wanted wheels that would sit flush with boththe front and rear fenders to establish that hunkereddown stance. He was set on the thin multi-spokelook … Continue reading

24″ Lexani Wheels Venom Gloss Black | Lexani Tires | 2018 Polaris Slingshot


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Lexani Wheels We have done may Polaris Slingshot wheels recently and for this 2018 Polaris Slingshotour customer wanted Slingshot wheelswith a concave profile all around. Customer wanted the thin spoke design but also wanted wheels in gloss black to contrast … Continue reading

22″ AZAD Wheels AZ911 Silver Face with Chrome Lip *True Directional Rims | 2014 Mercedes Benz CLS 550


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AZAD Wheels Symmetry is the inherent design philosophy behind wheels. Wheels are round, and in order to achieve the true circular weight distribution, wheels in the past have been designed with radial symmetry in mind. As technology advanced and computer … Continue reading

22″ Lexani Wheels Ekko with Matte Black Rims | Lexani Tires LX-Twenty | 2018 Honda Accord Sport | Audio City USA


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Lexani Wheels The 5-spoke wheel design has been around for several decades now. With the advancement of technology, lighter wheel designs were achieved and the split 5 spoke was realized with great popularity. Our customer wanted to have a split … Continue reading

22″ Lexani Wheels Aries Gloss Silver | Lexani LX-Twenty Tires | 2012 Bentley Continental GT


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I am definitely a fan of simple wheel design, but over the years, the aftermarket wheel market has been bombarded by the flamboyant and the busy nature of the revolutionary wheel designs. It seems like time had chipped away at … Continue reading

20″ Lexani Wheels Wraith Gloss Black with Machined Tips | Lexani LX-Twenty Tires | 2020 Genesis G70


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Lexani Wheels When the directional wheels hit the market not too long ago, it was considered a game changer. The radial symmetry that everyone believed was necessary to create a strong wheel was thrown out the window with the advancements … Continue reading