5 Warning Signs You Need New Tires

signs you need new tires

Signs You Need New Tires

Did you know that over 1.3 million Americans die in car crashes every year? One of the reasons that these fatal accidents occur is because of cars that are not road-worthy.

One of the best ways to keep you and your loved ones safe while on the road is by being diligent about automotive upkeeping. Of course, this includes having reliable tires.

Are you wondering when to replace tires? The last thing you want to do is buy brand-new tires when the ones you have are fine.

Keep reading to learn all about 5 warning signs you need new tires.

1. The Tires’ Age

The simplest way to know how often to change tires is by paying attention to their age.

In most cases, the manufacturer of your vehicle will suggest that you get new tires about once every 6 years.

On the other hand, many manufacturers of tires suggest that you get new tires after 10 years.

Not all tires are the same, so you should always go with the recommendation offered for your specific brand and type of tires.

2. Check the Tread Wear

Depending on how often you use your vehicle, the tires might need to be replaced sooner than the manufacturer’s recommendation.

You can determine the health of your tires by checking the tread. By inserting a penny in between a tread groove with Lincoln’s head downward, you can determine how worn down the tread is.

If you can still see the top of the president’s head, then that means your tread is too worn down and you need new tires.

3. Exposure to Elements

In most moderate climates, exposure to elements shouldn’t be a huge worry.

Are you asking yourself, “How often should tires be replaced in hot weather?”

In an environment that’s tropical, for instance, the ultraviolet rays from the sun can actually affect the structure of the tires.

In this kind of climate, you’ll need to replace your tires more often than usual.

4. Look for Cracks

Cracks in the tire’s wall is a clear warning sign that your tires are getting too old.

These cracks start off small but they will continue to get larger and larger.

At a certain point, they can leak air and even cause the tire to blow out.

5. Indicator Bars

If your tires are on the newer side, then they should be equipped with tread wear indicator bars.

These indicators are built into the tire and only appear when the tread is getting too low.

This feature is one of the most convenient ways of knowing when it’s time to get new tires.

Have You Noticed Signs You Need New Tires?

Now that you’ve learned all about 5 warning signs you need new tires, you can be safe while on the road. The next time someone asks you when to change tires, you can tell them all about it.

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