DUALLY *Wide front and back* (Super Single) 20×12 & 20×8.25 Fuel Wheels Cleaver D574 Black milled | Chevy, Ford, Dodge Dually Trucks | Patriot MT Tires

20″ Fuel Wheels D574 Cleaver Dually

Fuel Wheels offer the highest quality products with proper design and function, meant to be used off-road. They provide a wide range of durable wheels for your vehicle. This time, we have the 20″ Fuel Wheels D574 Cleaver Dually. It is one of the best and affordable wheels for off-road vehicles, good for Chevy, Ford, and Dodge Dually trucks.

Our customer wanted an aggressive look to his vehicle with Dually Wheels front and back (Super Single), and we decided to go with the 20″ Fuel Wheels D574 Cleaver Dually with Gloss Black Milled Off-Road Rims. The design of these wheels will leave a deep impression and improve the overall performance of the vehicle.

Wheel and tire set up is:

  • Front- 20×12 
  • Rear- 20×8.25 

And wrapped with 35×12.5×20 Patriot MT Tires.

Note: In order to fit the 20×12 on your dually truck, you MUST remove your front Adapter and you’re all good to go.

Fuel Wheels

Specializing in off road wheels, Fuel Wheels give the best performance to your vehicle on any terrain, made with high quality materials, suited for your off road trips. In addition to that, these Glossy Black Milled rims give a certain intensity that goes perfectly well with these powerful wheels. Fuel Wheels is one of the most trusted names in truck off-road wheels. 

Over the years, Fuel Wheels has been attracting off-road enthusiasts with their designs and advancements. They will always have your back when you’re in need of custom made off road wheels, and they give great options for people who are looking for wheels that can handle tough, rocky terrain for all kinds of weather. The Fuel Wheels D574 Cleaver Dually give a more aggressive and powerful look for your vehicle, combined with these black milled rims and awesome spokes will give you a steadier, more comfortable long distance ride for hours and hours no matter what land you’re on.

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20″ Fuel Wheels D574 Cleaver Dually
20″ Fuel Wheels D574 Cleaver Dually
20″ Fuel Wheels D574 Cleaver Dually
20″ Fuel Wheels D574 Cleaver Dually
20″ Fuel Wheels D574 Cleaver Dually

Now, how awesome do these wheels look all together? These cool wheels will make your vehicle look like a beast on the road, no one would compete with this set. Providing customized technology, Fuel Wheels’ goal is to create new trends, not to follow in the footsteps of others, it spares no effort to produce custom rims with the highest durability and impressive design. Taking customized rims and wheels to a new level. They can definitely give full play to the potential of your vehicle on any terrain, made of high-quality materials, suitable for your off road travel. From inventory of lifted to dually trucks, Fuel Wheels provide automobile enthusiasts with the best quality wheels on the market today.

The 20” Fuel Wheels D574 Cleaver Dually clearly looks like the perfect set of wheels for your off road needs and for sure these will not let you down, heavy duty wheels with an amazing wheel design and high quality materials, these wheels are meant for your vehicle. Plus these black milled rims give a subtle shine on your vehicle, and the uniquely designed spokes give an extra attitude to your truck when you’re on or off road.They are widely known for their design. The appearance of the wheels designed and manufactured by Fuel Wheel is hard to match. But they are not only beautiful. Fuel Wheels is also the industry leader in wheel durability and high quality, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the look and feel of these Fuel Wheels for more years to come.

Specializing in off road wheels and rims, Fuel Wheels always give the best performance to your vehicle on any terrain, made with high quality materials, suited to give you a more comfortable and a steadier ride on your off road trips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dually wheels all the same?

This is a tricky question. Theoretically, Dually wheels are not supposed to be the same. If you have noted, both front and rear sets of Dually Wheels are interchangeable. That is, the front ones can be exchanged for the existing rear ones, while the rear ones can easily make up for the front pair. However, if your vehicle has been ‘converted’ to Dually and had a different set of wheels when it rolled off the assembly line, then there will be slight changes in angle and curvature. Hence, it can be safely said that aftermarket Dually Wheels are different from each other.

Why are dually wheels different?

Dually Wheels are only interchangeable; they are not different in terms of construction or performance when compared to other wheel types. The ‘difference’ lies in whether they are Stock or Aftermarket. If you are buying a vehicle which has stock Dually wheels, there will be no difference whatsoever. But if you are intent on procuring a set of aftermarket Dually Wheels, the front and rear pairs will be different. One will have a concave angle, while the other will have a convex angle. They will not be interchangeable. Ask your dealer for more details or consult your car-owner’s manual.

At what point do you need a dually?

If you are looking for superior towing capacity, Dually wheels are your best bet. Do you use your pick-up truck to haul around a lot of cargo throughout the year? More so, do you require the hauling of a mega-trailer, something that is heavier than 20,000 lbs? If bot the answers to these questions are ‘yes’, then you require Dually wheels. If you continue using single wheels instead, your vehicle will suffer and its chassis and suspension will degrade with time.  The same logic applies for Dually trucks too. Heavy loads equal Dually!

Is it harder to drive a dually?

Not quite. There is a common misconception that it is harder to drive a vehicle Dually Wheels, but that is not true. Since these are used almost exclusively on vehicles which are designed for vehicles that will carry heavy loads. Going by that concept, it is a given that the drivers who will man these vehicles will also be more experienced. For them, it will not be a serious issue in driving entirely on a set of Dually Wheels. In fact, Dually Wheels may actually make the driving a lot easier since there are 2 sets of rims instead of a single one.